We're scientists making a pill to cure COVID-19. And we need your help.

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We’ve discovered compounds that kill the virus in human cells

- Over 500 scientists helped crowdsource 10 compounds that kill the virus

- We used the world's largest supercomputer to help model compounds and get them to market 10x faster

- Over 25 leading organisations donated their time and resources to help us achieve this milestone


Now: Fund trials in animals

- We’re ready to begin testing our compounds in animals

- We need to raise $1.5 million to fund animal trials that prove this pill works

- Once proven, this cure will be shared with major non-profits who can produce the drug at scale

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PHASE 3 - 2021

Mass produce the cure for COVID

- Once we’ve tested our drug candidates in animals, we’ll move to human trials, before sharing the design with non-profits to mass-produce it

- It’ll be available, cheap and patent-free, for hundreds of millions of people around the world - saving countless lives

- With a cure in place we’ll be able to put an end to COVID-19 and most other strands of disease like it

How You Can Help

Share Your Compute Power

Run molecular simulations on your computer when idle to help us find new molecules to test.


Fund Us

Funds go toward making and testing the most promising antiviral candidates.


Contribute Your Expertise

Submit drug design ideas using the form below.

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